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Providing consistently exceptional


We have the know-how you need.

From mowing to spring and fall cleanup, shrub and tree pruning and more:

Thompson Property Services is ready to take on the heavy lifting that comes with
keeping your yard and landscaping looking as good as it did from the start.


We take great pride in making sure that your turf not only looks great, but is also healthy and happy!

Services include:

  • Weekly professional lawn mowing

  • Weed whacking around all obstacles (foundations, fence lines trees, flower beds, sidewalks, and curbs)

  • Edging on all sidewalks, driveways, and curbs

  • Blowing the grass clippings from the driveway, patios, sidewalks, streets, and landscaping back onto the turf.

Throughout the season, we will change our mowing patterns and adjust our blade heights to the appropriate height. We always start the week with fresh blades and sharpen them every single morning.


A lawn that is properly maintained and mowed with the correct techniques is a healthier lawn. The results are evident, and your turf will be the talk of the town!


Delivering proper maintenance and upkeep to your shrubbery decorative trees are critical. Not only does it boost the aesthetics of your property, but it also ensures the continued health and wellness of them!


Without the proper maintenance, your decorative trees risk a decreased lifespan, increased probability of disease and stunted growth, and shabby appearance.


Our expert crews are dedicated to the health and beauty of your property.


Michigan winters can be harsh and unpredictable, and cleaning up your yard is a big job! Our crews are highly skilled and have outstanding attention to detail, so you can spend your valuable time enjoying the weather!

So, what do Spring Cleanup’s entail?

  • Removing and hauling away leaves, branches, and debris that accumulate over the winter months

  • Re- edging around all sidewalks, driveways, and curbs

  • Freshen and cleaning of garden and flower beds

  • Performing the first cut of the season if appropriate for your grass


Fall is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan! 


Does your property start to look bleak this time of year? If the answer is yes, then you can benefit from a thorough fall clean-up!


Your time is valuable, so our crews at Thompson Property Services will handle all of the hassles that come with the fall season!


Our fall clean-up includes:

  • Raking and removing of leaves

  • Mulching with leaves and grass clippings

  • Removing all debris and branches

  • Pruning and clipping flowers and grasses

Plant Nursery
Fall Foliage

Ready to get an estimate on maintenance for your commercial or residential lawn and property?

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